icloud vs google photos

cloud vs google photos : if you are using icloud to store your photos and videos or backup your phone apps and data today i’m gonna introduce you a free and unlimited alternative for it , its called GOOGLE PHOTOS you can upload unlimited photos and videos directly from your phone to google photos , as all us know each service has its own pros and cons , google photos is free of charge and unlimited but icloud is metered and limited and in case if you need extra storage space than free storage you have to pay for that , icloud will keep your images in original size but google photos will compress them but the quality is acceptable even after compression and you can use them for any purpose , icloud only can be used on apple products but you can use google photos on any device regardless to its OS , just download its app from app store or google play keep app open and give required permissions to access photo gallery that’s all its will start to sync all of your gallery to google photos .


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