Page file in ETH mining

Page file in ETH mining  : PF or page file or virtual memory is hidden system file on a hard disk that during memory shortage can perform as your computer ram extension , dedicating enough amount for page file is critical in ETH mining for creating and loading DGA files that will talk about this later , in this post I’m not teaching you how to increase your page file coz it very easy just google it and you will find plenty of articles related to this issue , the point that i want to talk about is how to calculate how much GB we need to dedicate page file o make everything working smoothly on your rig , for example if you 2 1080 Ti 11 GB and 1 1060 6 GB so you have to dedicate 32 Gb for your page file here is how we calculate it

2*11 (22GB) + 1*6 (6GB) +4GB = 32 GB

don’t forget to dedicate enough amount of space for PF before GPU benchmark or running you miner , first you dedicate required memory restart system to everything get applied and then benchmark or run you miner and most important issue , memory should be allocated from drive that your windows is running from that normally is Drive C .

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