Top mining software for windows

mining software for windows  : if you are beginner in mining and don’t have enough skill to work directly with mining pools to configure miner its recommended to use GUI based mining software  , these tools  makes mining so easy and you can start it just with few clicks , there are plenty of them but i will introduce top ones that i have try them before  , when you want to choose a miner there are some points that you should consider them , first: is software reputation and credibility don’t use any software many  of them will rip your income off , second : payment  threshold , try to use software with minimum fee and payment threshold most of pools fee is 1% , below you can find top mining software :

kryptex : windows based mining software with low payment threshold and different payout methods , you can mine and get paid by bitcoin , eth or USD Euro

nicehash : with mining OS directly boot from flash drive or windows based software





there are CMD based mining tools that we will talk about them in next posts , they will need some configuration and unlike GUI based tools you have to do everything manually , also there some other tools like Awesome Miner , minerstat   these are not miner they just will help miners to manage rigs and last point never mine with your laptop and mobile phone this work will result on your laptop and mobile phone damage and no profit at all .


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